Fitness and Strength Training for Over 40’s and 50’s in South Dublin.

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Fitness and Strength Training for over 40’s and 50’s in South Dublin.


Body changes in 40s

Maintaining good physical and mental health in your 40’s can be tricky due to demands of parenting, social and family commitments, stressful jobs and more. All too often fitness gets side-tracked and due to time constraints we give in to convenience, which in turn may further diminish our health. 

To make it even more challenging, the hormonal changes at this age slow down the metabolism, lead to gradual reduction in lean muscle mass and visceral body fat gain often causing the unwanted weight-gain and ultimately leading to diabetes or heart disease. The late-night takeaways and boozy nights out are no longer as forgiving as they were in your twenties or thirties. 

But the outlook doesn’t have to be so dim. As you mature and grow confident in your career, and the children are getting older, 40s and beyond could be the best years of your life! Circumstances have never been more favourable to finally focus on You! 

Evidence has shown that even moderate adjustments in fitness and nutrition can improve health and help manage cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high cholesterol, conditions that commonly affect this age-group. It can boost happiness and prolong live too, so don’t hesitate and start today!

Speaking from experience.

First step is to reconsider your daily calorie intake. As we continue to age our metabolism is slowing down and our caloric requirements change accordingly. We simply don’t need as many calories. Many don’t account for this fact and carry on with their eating habits. To avoid weigh-gain it’s really important to integrate some dietary changes.

It is also vital to monitor the calorie expenditure through increased activity. By how much depends on the individual’s lifestyle and goals. For someone looking to maintain weight it might be enough to simply walk more. Those looking to lose weight and shape their physique might require a gym membership with more intense training programme.

As a fourty-two-year-old business owner I am speaking from experience. Too busy to train or eat well I went through a phase when ironically, I, a personal trainer and a gym owner, neglected my own health and fitness! I let it gradually affect my mental health as I grew more and more dissatisfied with my own appearance. Personal trainer’s job is not easy. But it gets even trickier when his own appearance de-motivates potential clients… It affected me and it started affecting my business.

It’s an easy trap. Especially for men, who don’t like to speak about their problems or seek help. I finally spoke with my partner and she encouraged me to get back to training and helped me with cleaning up my diet. Together, we made my health a priority and my health, confidence and business are thriving once again.

A few tips to get started

Daily diet in your 40s

  • Track your diet scrupulously for a week to see where you can make adjustments.
  • To avoid weight-gain manage your portion sizes.
  • Make a conscious effort to drink more water.
  • Cut down on sugar intake.
  • Avoid bad fats in convenience, processed and fried foods.
  • Drink alcohol and soft drinks responsibly.
  • Learn to love cooking from scratch.
  • Make your diet as versatile as possible.
  • Include more seafood in your diet.
  • Include more nutrient-dense foods (such as blueberries, kale, mackerel, avocado etc) in your diet.
  • Include more greens and vegetables in your diet.
  • Follow this macro-nutrient formula: 40% carbs/veg, 30% healthy fats, 30% protein.

 Training in your 40s

  • Introduce more active time by making small changes such as- taking stairs instead of the elevator, cycling instead of driving, walking at lunchtime etc.
  • Join a gym and enjoy the structure and the social aspect of it.
  • Personal training is a great way to get you started, especially if you have no previous experience.
  • Include strength training into your fitness routine.
  • Spend more time warming-up and cooling-down to avoid injuries.
  • Don’t let your age limit you- your body is capable of extraordinary things at any age!
  • Incorporate flexibility training to keep limber
  • Prioritise You! You are worth the time and money.
  • No excuses. Commit to training times and make these non-negotiable.
  • Push yourself at every training session to maximise results.

 Lifestyle in your 40s

  • Sleep at least 7-8h per night
  • Destress! Use different techniques to elevate the unwanted effects of stress.
  • Be grateful. Appreciate what you’ve got and always focus on positive.
  • Believe that you CAN. You CAN achieve anything you want.
  • Enjoy alcohol responsibly or quit completely.
  • Cut down or quit cigarettes completely.
  • Allow for quality family time.
  • Learn to put your phone down, especially when you’re among friends and family.
  • Do what you love- hobbies teach us new skills and make us happy.
  • Socialise- make time to meet friends and family.

And remember, nothing happens overnight, and that’s ok. Commit, have patience and don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to speak out and ask for help. Even personal trainers need help at times! So, if you have any questions or would like some guidance on how to change your health after 40 don’t hesitate to contact us. We specialise in training over 40s and guarantee results. Fill in the form below to book your free consultation, or simply email us on, or call for a chat on 087 064 5527.



The fear of going back

Going back to work and interacting with people is a daunting thought. Why do we always have this irrational fear of ‘going back’? Whether it’s going back to work or our daily routine in general, we cannot help but go through that horrid anxiety. Nothing ever really happens to warrant it, and yet the fear is real.

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Are you ready to join the tribe?


If you would like to find out more about our group classes, personal training, fitness programs or nutrition and lifestyle coaching simply fill in the form below to book a free consultation, or you can call us directly on 0870645527. We look forward to hearing from you.

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