Fitness Motivation – How to Maintain and Succeed

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Fitness Motivation – How to Maintain and Succeed

Fitness Motivation- how to maintain it and succeed? This is probably one of the most popular questions I get asked by clients and followers on a daily basis. My name is Dora Orlowska and I’m the co-owner and fitness coach here at Sallynoggin’s award winning gym Primal X Fitness. I’ve put together my tips and advice and I hope it will help you on your fitness journey, getting started , maintaining it and enjoy it.

First things first- Getting fit is hard work

Here’s a difficult truth. Getting into shape is hard work. It requires lifestyle change, adjusting your diet- drastically at times, finding time for training in your already over-stretched schedule and, unfortunately, training hard.

Despite these sacrifices, getting fit is one of the best things you could ever do for You. Being fit means better physical and mental health, greater strength and endurance, increased energy levels, stronger immune system, better physique, and over all longer and happier life. So, if you ask us if the pain is worth it, the answer is YES.

Like with anything in life, so in fitness, when there is no pain there is no gain. For anyone to make a lasting change, they must be prepared to commit to work hard, often beyond and above their comfort zone.

Fitness Motivation Danger Zone – the Comfort Zone

Just about the only way to enjoy the fitness journey is to learn to love the grind.
Retreating to the comfort zone is enabling all the bad habits through excuses, zero accountability and overall lack of motivation.

The day you decide you’re fed up with how you look and feel about yourself is the day when you must be ready to step out of your comfort zone. It got you where you hate to be in the first place! From that day on you better be ready to make effort and work hard. As soon as you do, you will feel happier, we promise!

The ‘Me’ project

If like most of our clients, you are a busy working parent, thinking about your kids, family and even work always comes first. There is never time (or money) left for you. From experience, this is one of the main reasons why so many fail to reach their weight-loss or fitness goals. Unless you commit to yourself, and put yourself first for once, you will not succeed. You must commit, make time, invest money and push through no matter what.

Believe us, it is doable for anyone who wants it bad enough.

Making the time – Extremely Important to maintain your Fitness Motivation

No matter what your timetable is, there are gyms or personal trainers in your area that will be able to work around it. The secret ingredient to your success is to actually attend your scheduled sessions. Once you commit to the times you must prioritise them and fit everything else around them and not the other way around. Training consistently gets easier over time, when the good habits get hardwired in your mindset.

Making every work-out count

Now that you have made the time to train, you may as well make the most of each and every hour.  We don’t get much opportunity to move and burn calories during the week. We lie when we sleep, sit when we eat, work, or drive. Yet, our bodies are designed to move and it’s our responsibility to keep active.

To get fitter or to change your physique you must train hard and put your body under strain for it to adjust and recover stronger and leaner. Maximising efforts in the gym can seriously accelerate your results. To achieve that you’ll need a good mindset, energy from food, suitable footwear, water to keep hydrated, some seriously good music and most importantly, a restful sleep. Check out our blog on the importance of sleep for your fitness regime.

Choosing the right gym or a coach who is committed to your results and knows how to get the best out of you is also very important. We love seeing our clients celebrating extraordinary results they wouldn’t believe possible just a few weeks earlier.

You can’t out-train a bad diet

To lose weight you must balance your calorie intake from food and expenditure through exercise. No matter how hard you train during your hourly work-out you will not be able to compensate for a full week of bad food choices.

Avoid this trap by asking your trainer for guidance and chose fitness program that offers a healthy food plan and nutrition coaching. It’s a great investment especially if you don’t know much about healthy nutrition for physical training and weight loss.

You’re not a quitter

If you have now decided and understood that: a) you are worth investing money in You, b) getting results is not going to be easy, c) comfort zone is ‘no results zone’, d) training times are non-negotiable, e) maximum effort and heathy diet are key to accelerated results then you’re on the right track!

The last component is never giving up. Quitting is simply not an option.
If toddlers gave up on walking because they fell one too many times, humans wouldn’t walk.
We can assure you, that you will hit the wall more than once on your fitness journey, it’s inevitable. Just be ready and recognise it as it happens. Overcoming the urge to quit is a great feeling that will propel you on your way to success.

So, whether it is making a healthy meal choice, or getting through a tough strength training session just push through the urge to quit. Dealing with one challenge at a time helps! Think of one meal or one work-out at a time rather than the whole journey. It’s more manageable that way, right?

Getting Started

We encourage you to take a leap of faith and just get started today. With good mindset, support and guidance you can achieve ‘the unthinkable’.

If you still have some doubts or questions, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call, email, text or pop in for a chat, no strings attached.

Wishing you all the best on your fitness journey.

PrimalX Team


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If you would like to find out more about our group classes, personal training, fitness programs or nutrition and lifestyle coaching simply fill in the form below to book a free consultation, or you can call us directly on 0870645527. We look forward to hearing from you.

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