Mums Fitness Training Classes For Busy Mums and Dads Near Glasthule

Mums Fitness Training Classes For Busy Mums and Dads Near Glasthule

PrimalX Fitness Provides Mums Fitness Training Classes  Near Glasthule

At PrimalX Fitness in Sallynoggin we deliver Mums Fitness Training Classes  near  Glasthule. Our aim is to help members reach functional fitness levels through Mums Fitness Training Classes incorporating cardio, endurance, resistance, strength, conditioning and high intensity interval training (HIIT). To guarantee the best results we employ a holistic approach to fitness that includes a healthy body, a healthy mind, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. PrimalX also offers nutrition coaching and healthy eating guides for sports and weight loss. Through attentive coaching and education we help our members regain full control over their daily diet and physical and mental fitness.

We lead our members to challenge their limits so they can bring the resilience they demonstrate in training into their everyday lives. PrimalX offers a lifestyle changing and character building experience leading to a healthier, happier and more successful life. PrimalX trainers lead by example. With our tribe we: train hard, and strive to maintain the healthiest diet. Our tribe prospers in the culture of inclusion, mutual encouragement, and integrity. We offer many different Personal Training programs to suit all fitness levels and tastes in Glasthule. Our Mums Fitness Training Classes, session are all about you and your goals. We put together a stress free environment and fun programs designed to

deliver the best experience for our members.

Train in a group of like-minded people working towards similar goals. You will inspire and motivate each other to work harder and to keep going. Group classes are so much more than just a workout, you will get healthier and make friends!

As well as Mums Fitness Training Classes our 6 Week Body Transformation programme is our personalised, results-driven, exercise, healthy eating & weight-loss plan. It’s the first step into a healthier lifestyle. We provide participants with the knowledge and tools that will ensure results and a sustainable lifestyle change.

So if you are living in Glasthule and you want to use a great training facility with great people close to you in Sallynoggin then why don’t you try out a Mums Fitness Training Classes and you will soon see that getting fit can be a great way to get fitter and healthier and meet new friends at the same time.

We pride ourselves in delivering the very best and professionally supervised Mums Fitness Training Classes close to Glasthule.

So get in touch and call us now at 087 064 5527 or email us at to arrange an appointment to look around our facilities and maybe book your first mums fitness training classes and get your fitness and health back on track.

You will love our Mums Fitness Training Classes conveniently located near Glasthule

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