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Semi Private Personal Training at PrimalX Fitness Sallynoggin Co. Dublin.

What is semi Private personal Training??
Semi private personal training is a more affordable approach to personal training, where there is a small number of likeminded people (maximum group of 4) who will share the same timeslot to make personal training an affordable monthly in your budget.

What you get??

On your very first session you will get a compulsory consultation which allows the coach to get some crucial information off the client which will help the coach build a successful and long term plan for the best result possible for the client. You will also receive a full assessment to ensure there are no movement contraindications that will have to be prioritised before we go chasing those goals.

  • Body composition test

Weigh Inn

Nutritional Information

Aerobic Testing

Strength Testing

Goal Setting

Goal setting is really important so we can make sure your goals are measurable, attainable, maintainable and sustainable. All these things above are just as important as each other to have at the start of your fitness journey because what we create by testing these, is your start point.

Having an initial start point is crucial because without this how are you supposed to know how far you’ve come over the coming weeks, months and years. In moments of uncertainty it is great to be able to look back on previous testing results to see how far you have come and use it as a motivational tool.

Once this process is completed your coach will then design the best program possible to ensure you reach all your goals.  We like to educate all our clients here at primal X fitness on how to live the healthiest lifestyle to ensure all our clients will prosper and have longevity, for us nothing else is more important.

All sessions are generally varied so that you wont get bored. The general layout stays the same for example, 15 mins mobility/warm up, 10-15 mins working on new skill, strength cycle followed by a 15-30 min conditioning piece variety. I’m sure the majority of the general population have been to a boot camp class before, where majority of stations, exercises, time, reps and sets are continually the same, now I am not saying there is anything wrong with boot camps and they certainly have there place in the industry but the bottom line is if you are taking part in exercise like I described above it is just going to lead to plateau which simply means a stop in results, which will also lead to a significant decrease in motivation if you are a goal driven person.

Working out with 3 other individuals in this environment is fun, different, competitive (if your into that), motivating. The list here is truly endless.


Have you ever walked into a gym before and just been overwhelmed by the atmosphere, and the fact of not knowing what to do or where to even start??

The beauty about semi-private personal training is  for the 60 minutes you are there the session is planned out for you so the whole uncertainty of what to do and where to start doesn’t come into the equation, you just turn up and let the coach look after everything from there. The coach will ensure the best session is provided for you and is specific to you and your goals.


All progress is usually tracked on a 4 week basis, this is also dependant on how far or long into your training you are as beginners, intermediates and advanced people will all develop at different rates.


If personal training is something you have been interested in, in the past and for whatever reason never followed through with the email or phone call to sign up??

Well today id like to offer you a free week trial of semi private personal training, all you have to do is contact us by filling in the from below or calling 087 064 5527 or email us at

Are you ready to join the tribe?

If you would like to find out more about our personal training programs simply schedule a free consultation and fill in the form below or you can call me directly on 0870645527 for more info.

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