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What’s my “why?”


Your “why” is the reason why you do what you do – why you took up training or do the job you do.

My “why” goes back to 2012. I had been feeling a little off for a few months and had found blood in my faeces so I decided to go get a checkup at the GP. My doctor repeatedly told me nothing was wrong with me so I decided I wanted a second opinion. After changing doctors, I was sent for a routine colonoscopy, just to be sure nothing was wrong. Two weeks later I was sitting in a consultant’s room in St Vincent’s hospital: after this routine procedure the doctor told me they found a cancerous tumor inside a polyp in my colon which they had removed, however they explained I would need to undergo more tests and examinations to ensure the cancer was fully removed and had not spread  ? My whole life just crumbled. I was 34 years old and relatively healthy (I thought).

I never smoked but when I think back to this time, I was a heavy drinker. I was out partying most nights of the week and my diet consisted of chipper food and processed meals. In my mind I was out-training the bad diet because I played football a few nights a week and did martial arts so I thought I was grand. I couldn’t have been more wrong: this shit comes and bam! Nothing can prepare you for that.

I was angry. I was angry at god I kept thinking why me? I’m a good dude I go to work every day I look after my family and this comes and blows me over! I was in shock. I decided I wanted to keep it a secret from my family and friends as my mother had her own medical problems but also because I didn’t want to worry them.

“When you tell people you have cancer they treat you differently, almost like you’re a victim – and I wasn’t going to be a victim ! I was going to beat this !!!”

So I went about my daily routine, going to work and avoiding any conversations about my health. I’m not going to lie, I cracked up a few times going for long walks alone late at night, sitting on a bench alone crying thinking about the possibilities that faced me .

The only thing that kept me going was fitness training. I was training in the Israeli martial art  Krav Maga at the time so going into training, even though I was being poked and prodded on a nearly daily basis and feeling like crap, really helped. In there, I could release all that anger and negativity in a productive way.

As the months progressed I took the time to reassess every aspect of my life from my marriage to my job! I came to some conclusions within this time of reflection which led me to ending my marriage as I didn’t feel my spouse was supportive of my goals. I also realized I wasn’t happy in my job as I hated being a barman – it just sucked the life out of me – so I set myself a goal of working in a job I love and helping people so I set about studying fitness. I soon realized this was my calling in life, and I was good at getting the best results from people. With this new lifestyle came a change in diet so no more takeaways or processed food for me. I swapped to a much healthier, more balanced nutrition plan which included me cutting out wheat due to an intolerance.

In October 2014, I finally got the all clear from the surgeons in St Vincent’s hospital with a routine appointment every 5 years .

When I look back at that time, I realise I was a completely different person.  I 100% blame my lifestyle at the time for my illness but I learned a lot about myself and my about resilience and will to live.

“In the years following this I have found a truly amazing woman in Dora who supports me in my dreams, goals and aspirations and it was that support which drove us to start our own fitness business, PrimalX Fitness. We have  gone from renting a room in a community centre with only two clients back in 2014, to opening our own gym in 2017 with over 100 clients.”

Whenever I have a tough day I always look back to those dark days and remember how thankful I should be for where I am now and what I have achieved.

I now realise my life needed to change and it was something like a life altering illness called cancer that drove me to make that change for the better . Life is all about change, guys, so don’t be afraid to take a plunge or a challenge. No dream or goal is too large or insurmountable if you truly want it.

I hope my experience can help you in some way.

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