Strength & Conditioning and why you NEED to be doing it!

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Strength & Conditioning (S&C) is a specialized program combining weight and cardio conditioning training. Our programs are designed to develop strength, burn body fat, sculpt physique and build confidence associated with strength training. Long gone are the misconceptions that women who lift weights will get bulky or men will get huge muscles and no neck, we now know of the huge range of benefits associated with strength training for everybody

Our clients Strength & Conditioning clients range from 16-year-old teenagers to ladies and gents in their late 60’s from all walks of life and backgrounds but with one common goal and that’s to get fitter and healthier.

“Functional strength training is for everybody!”

If you already lift then We don’t need to tell you how strength training can help you look and feel amazing but let me tell you about some of the proven benefits of regular strength training

#1: Healthy bones through exercise

Firstly, a really important benefit for ladies is Regular weight bearing exercise and strengthening work can help prevent osteoporosis. Stronger bones lead to a stronger musculoskeletal system-that means you can lift, move and enjoy recreational activities with more ease.

#2: Great posture through muscle conditioning

Conditioned muscles help you lift and hold your body upright better. This will keep your joints and bones in correct alignment so your muscles are being used correctly and prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions.

#3: Fewer injuries as muscles are stronger

When muscles are stronger, so are the connective tissues surrounding them. This means the entire muscular system is bolstered, providing protection against injuries caused by weak ligaments, tendons and muscle fibers.

#4: Exercise can raise your metabolism

There’s no better way to increase your metabolism than to develop more muscle mass. Muscle burns a great deal of calories even at rest so your body will still be burning calories for hours after your workout

#5: Helps deal with stress

Strength and conditioning can help reduce stress and anxiety levels as our body releases endorphins when training to help us relax, Strength and conditioning can also help improve sleeping patterns giving your body the quality rest needed to repair and recover.

#6: Faster rehab with strong muscles

If you suffer an injury and keep the other muscles strong, you’ll bounce back quicker.

#7: Improved balance

Regular strength training leads to better muscle control and balance. As a result, you’re less likely to fall. If you do fall, though, your injury will be less severe.

#8: Strength training prevents obesity

When you build muscle, you burn more calories. The calories you burn come from fat. Hence, strength training prevents obesity. And when you keep your body fat down you add years to your life.

#9: Being strong can make life more fun

Your quality of life is enhanced when you’re strong. Whether your goal is to run a marathon or to simply be fitter for spending time with family. Through Strength and conditioning you will become functionally fit for whatever purpose you require!

#10: A Good exercise program helps prevent Chronic diseases

Strength and conditioning has many benefits as we have listed above but the most important benefits are health related, as many of us are aware the rates of obesity in Ireland are skyrocketing to alarming levels, these rising levels of obesity and the readiness of convenience foods has seen a rise in chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease and many other nasties. Strength and conditioning training has been proven to improve heart health. By simply  combining an exercise program of aerobic conditioning with strength training you can help yourself avoid these diseases in the future.

Many of the people who train at our gym PrimalX Fitness had never lifted a barbell or deadlifted before crossing our doors but our comprehensive Strength and Conditioning program is structured so classes can be progressed or regressed to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness fanatics.

“Not everybody has the same goal as some clients want fat loss whilst others want to gain muscle mass so we give each a 30-minute consultation to discuss goals and set a timeline for these goals to be achieved within.”

A member of our team of expert coaches will Discuss your current nutrition habits and make recommendations on how to improve these habits through our simple and easy to cook recipes. Finally, we assess your current fitness levels through a series of body fat testing, movement screening and a short fitness test!

Now you’re all set!

S&C classes have a maximum of 12 participants to ensure complete attention. Each person has their own individual program tailored to their needs and goals which includes a comprehensive nutrition plan.

As coaches, we work hard on our programs to ensure each Strength and Conditioning offers a unique challenging workout in the company of like-minded individuals which creates the atmosphere of mutual support, encouragement and fun. Our expert Strength and Conditioning coaches design our programs so each day we have a different WOD (workout of the day) and ensure each class is always challenging and different to keep the body guessing, each session will include elements of Strength, aerobic training, mobility and stretching

“Classes are suitable for all fitness levels and can be progressed or regressed depending on your fitness level.”

Our S&C coaches Stephen McDonald and Adam Hennessy have extensive coaching experience. Stephen qualified as a Personal Trainer and has and is a Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach from the prestigious Elite Performance and Fitness Institute that focuses their teaching program on strength and conditioning training.

Adam is a qualified Personal Trainer and is also a Qualified S&C coach from the highly-regarded KG Elite institute.

So, there you have it strength and conditioning classes offer all these benefits and are great fun, so why don’t you get in touch to schedule a free consultation with one of our coaches, so we can advise you on how to start your fitness journey,

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Are you ready to join the tribe?


If you would like to find out more about our group classes, personal training, fitness programs or nutrition and lifestyle coaching simply fill in the form below to book a free consultation, or you can call us directly on 0870645527. We look forward to hearing from you.

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