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Healthy lifestyle, nutrition and fitness training for children and teens in South Dublin

Children are our future, but their healthy development depends on us- the parents, the teachers, the carers, the fitness coaches. Good habits, active lifestyle and healthy attitude towards food form early and we must teach and lead our children by example.

At PrimalX Fitness we understand the gravity of this responsibility. This is why we provide healthy lifestyle, nutrition and fitness training to kids and teens that incorporates the BrandX Method.

Physical education, psychological well-being, healthy eating habits, and play are all vital to healthy development in children. Our mission is to help youth master physical literacy and make a healthy diet and exercise a part of their daily routine.

Our fun, age-appropriate class formats endorse inclusiveness, positive mental attitude, and safe environment where children can express themselves through play and celebrate each other’s achievements.

The goal of this program is to help children become more active, more productive and physically and mentally healthier and stronger.

The BrandX Method

The BrandX Method is a certification that teaches professional youth coaches how to perfect the basics and lay the good foundation for correct body mechanics and movement patterns. Equipped with the skills and the knowledge of the basics, children become more proficient and injury-free movers.

When the bodies are growing it is imperative to prioritise technique over intensity and moderate weight and work-rate to sustain normal development.

Therefore, the BrandX Method teaches good technique for fundamental moves known as primal movements concentrating on core, hinge, lunge, pull, push and squat, whilst a combination of the age-appropriate high intensity and weight training is designed to achieve optimal fitness and performance. This style of training promotes increased strength and endurance, enhanced bone density and better cardiorespiratory function with no compromise to healthy growth.

Through BrandX method, we not only teach the children how to work out, but how to commit, concentrate, persevere, and motivate themselves to maximise efforts and achieve goals. We can help strengthen any weaknesses and identify and develop special capabilities.

This program is guaranteed to help our young members to establish healthy work-out and eating habits and convert them from a sedentary to an active lifestyle. Our programmes are: PrimalX Cubs (8-12-year-old children) and PrimalX Teens (13-17-year-old teens).

If you are a teen, a parent, a teacher or a coach interested in our children and teen fitness programmes and are living in the greater Dun Laoghaire/Sallynoggin area please book a free consultation with one of our expert trainers here or call us on 0870645527.



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