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Teen Strength and Conditioning Classes

PrimalX Fitness Teen Strength & Conditioning is a program designed for 12-16 years olds to improve fitness and health .
This program combines age-appropriate weight training with high intensity training to deliver optimal fitness and performance, as well as establish a long term appreciation for health and fitness. Our program is guaranteed to help them establish healthy lifestyle habits, and convert them from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one.

The training not only teaches one how to work out, it teaches one the essence of focus, perseverance, dedication, and motivation. Our teen strength program makes teens healthier and fitter! It not only builds strength in the body but it also highlight their capabilities and strengthens any weaknesses .

A set of classes focused on technique over intensity. With the goal in mind of introducing your teenager to the benefit of exercise at a young age, we feel we can accomplish a lot more than just physical strength by training your teen to work hard. With a more informed younger generation, we can expect greater things in the future. The Teen classes are run after school three times per week which is the perfect amount of stimulus to prepare your teen for school athletics

Fitness for Teens by PrimalXFitness workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive and general and are scalable for any participant at any level.
Sessions include the following components:

  • Mobility

  • Jumping

  • Flexibility

  • Strength Training

  • Powerlifting

  • Rowing

In the teen classes, we work on age appropriate weight lifting with emphasis on proper form, mobility and preparing one’s muscles for exercise, and conditioning. We will scale the work so that this class can be appropriate for athletes and beginners alike . The maximum number of participants is 10

Teenagers are still developing and getting use to their body. They may look proficient in their sport, but Squats, Deadlifts, Push-Ups and Rows may present a challenge when done correctly. Being compliant in the basic movement patterns before loading them is vital; otherwise you’ll be adding strength on top of a dysfunctional movement setting them up for injury in the future. General movement and strength preparation is the foundation of your sports specific strength. Every athlete should be generally prepared before adding any sports specific strength training or advanced strength training techniques.

Our Teen Fitness class structure includes a warm up and mobility, then the first half of class is dedicated to a lift or strength-building skills, the second half of class includes a workout, and we end with more mobility. At PrimalX Fitness, we put a lot of emphasis on mobility. The more range of movement you have, the better and easier it is to get into position during your lifts and movements. You move safer and you can move more weight; in turn you get stronger.

Teens are closely supervised as the coach takes them through an intense 60-minute workout with attention always being paid to proper technique and safety.

In general the researchers had found the training had been effective in heightening strength, gains were higher among older children in comparison to children of prepubescent age (around 10 or younger). A few sessions per week had shown better results than just one session a week and longer training sessions were greater than shorter ones for benefits. The average strength gain had varied broadly. Although, a large portion did show improvements in strength by 20 to 40 percent of their start levels.

Benefits include:

Reduced Injury Risk

Despite concerns in the past that strength training is harmful for the youth athlete, it has been revealed that strength and conditioning can make a developing athlete “more resistant to injury” (NSCA, 2008). A higher level of motor control and a better understanding of how their body moves in space, allows an athlete to take more control over their injury prevention. Strategies of how to correctly stabilize the core, distribute bodyweight and resist force are all areas which can lower the risk of injury.
A properly designed strength and conditioning program guards against over development of a specific set muscle group by incorporating exercises to balance and provide joint stability for sport specific movement. The most balanced, strong and coordinate athletes are the athletes who are least likely to be injured.

Increases in Strength

Developing athletes strength capacity can be significantly enhanced (gains of up to 74% have been reported) through a program that uses a variety of forms of resistance training (NSCA, 2009). The ability to coordinate movement and to efficiently recruit muscles in synchronized action are two of the main reasons for the strength improvements. As children age, this is a natural pattern of development but using forms of strength and conditioning training can expedite the process.
The increases in muscular strength seen in childhood can be greater than the strength increases seen in adolescence (Joyce, 2014) which evidences why the early initiation of a formal strength and conditioning plan is an important step. Individuals who train twice per week, on average, have 33% higher strength gains than their once session per week counterparts. Stronger athletes perform better, are more trainable and have the most long term success.

More enjoyment in movement and physical activity for a lifetime

Through research, we know that those individuals who enjoy movement and physical activity are those who are the most likely to continue a healthy exercise lifestyle through their lives. It is much easier to enjoy physical activity when you move well and with no pain during the process. Strength and conditioning is a way to learn how to positively impact movement quality through mobility and movement training. All movements in our lives have an optimal way to be performed and the better you are at performing those movements, the better chance you have of continuing those movements.

If you are a teen or a parent interested in Teen Strength & Conditioning and are living in the greater Dun Laoghaire ,Sallynoggin area then you can book a free consultation with one of our expert trainers via our website www.primalxfitness.ie or call us 0870645527

The fear of going back

Going back to work and interacting with people is a daunting thought. Why do we always have this irrational fear of ‘going back’? Whether it’s going back to work or our daily routine in general, we cannot help but go through that horrid anxiety. Nothing ever really happens to warrant it, and yet the fear is real.

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Are you ready to join the tribe?


If you would like to find out more about our group classes, personal training, fitness programs or nutrition and lifestyle coaching simply fill in the form below to book a free consultation, or you can call us directly on 0870645527. We look forward to hearing from you.

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