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PrimalX Fitness provides Personal TrainingSemi-Private Training and Group Fitness Classes for all of South Dublin .

Inspired by primitive fitness principle of using body to it’s full potential our objective is to help members reach functional fitness levels through cardio, endurance, resistance, strength, conditioning and high intensity interval training (HIIT). To ensure the best results we adopt  a holistic approach to fitness that incorporates a healthy body, a healthy mind, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. PrimalX also offers nutrition coaching and healthy eating plans for sports and weight loss. Through attentive coaching and education we help our members regain full control over their daily diet and physical and mental fitness.

We lead our members to challenge their limits so they can bring the resilience they demonstrate in training into their everyday lives. PrimalX offers a lifestyle changing and character building experience leading to a healthier, happier and more successful life. PrimalX trainers lead by example. With our tribe we: train hard, and strive to maintain the healthiest diet. Our tribe prospers in the culture of inclusion, mutual encouragement, and integrity.

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Personal Training

We offer many different Personal Training programs to suit all fitness levels and tastes. Personal training session are be all about you and your goals. We create a stress free environment and fun programs for best experience.

Group Classes

Train in a group of like-minded people working towards similar goals. You will inspire and motivate each other to work harder and to keep going. Group classes are so much more than just a workout, you will get fitter and make friends!

6 Week Body Transformations

The 6 Week Body Transformation programme is our personalised, results-driven, exercise, healthy eating & weight-loss plan. It’s the first step into a healthier lifestyle. We provide participants with the knowledge and tools that will ensure results and a sustainable lifestyle change.

Meet the Crew

Stephen McDonald

Owner & Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Stephen, the PrimalX Fitness co-founder along with my partner Dora. My background is in self-defence and martial arts. I spent 15 years training in various disciplines of combat sports including Kenpo and Krav Maga. I have always been a keen sports person so fitness instruction was an obvious career choice for me. I qualified as Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer with Elite Fitness and Performance Academy in 2014.

“I am passionate about helping people attain their goals. I commit to work as hard for my clients as they work for me”

Adam Hennessy

Gym Manager & Head Coach of Athletic Performance

Hi, I’m Adam. I have always had an interest in sports and fitness from a very young age. I’ve trained Kenpo and Kickboxing for many years. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 4 years. I worked in dlr leisure services for 3 years and gained a lot of experience and knowledge along the way. I have recently joined the PrimalX Fitness team as the Gym Manager and I am extremely excited to work with such a great group of people. I am the Head Coach of the Athletic Performance Team and the body transformation programs.

“I look forward to helping PrimalX tribe achieve their goals and becoming the best we can be as a team #booyah”

Stephanie McGarry

Gym Instructor

I started my journey with Primal X Fitness as a client back in February 2016 loosing 6 stone in just under 1 year, In total i have been training with the guys for just over 2 years now. With the massive support and guidance from my fellow troops i have now become a member of the Primal X Fitness team!  I take care of the day to day office administration and have recently become a qualified Boxercise Instructor. I have started taking classes here so pop along for some boxercise madness!

“My goal is to become a Personal Trainer so I can help and hopefully inspire people who are in the same situation I was in two years ago before I changed my life with PrimalX Fitness.”

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