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Have you ever done Zumba? Some are reluctant to try believing it’s either too complicated or not hard enough to deliver good results. But as with any other training it’s up to your instructor to deliver a workout that works for you! Meet Dora- our PrimalX Zumba instructor. She fell in love with Zumba after her pregnancy. It was Zumba that helped her get back in shape and shed those hard-to-lose post-pregnancy pounds! It was so much fun and so effective that she decided to qualify as a Zumba instructor and help others discover the benefits of fitness dance training.

Firstly, Zumba dance fitness program is suitable for all!

It can be modified to an easier entry level or a lighter recovery training, or progressed to a high intensity cardio work-out! Dora’s choreography combines dance with compound exercises such as jumps, squats, lunges, burpees or push-ups that can be easily adjusted to different fitness levels. Whatever your game plan is on the day- Dora will set you up for the ultimate work-out.

As soon as you join the PrimalX Zumba gang you will be entered into our WhatsApp group where you can freely communicate with Dora. She is fully committed to your results so don’t hesitate to contact her ahead of the class.

Unlike with some training styles, there is no age limits with Zumba. In our Zumba class you will find teenagers dancing along with 20, 30, 40 and 50 plus year olds. Never let your age limit you from doing anything at all. Especially Zumba!

Apart from being a very effective work-out it’s FUN! It’s the addictive combination of current, Latino and Colombian rhythms with the cool and sexy choreo that brings about that no-restraints feeling. In one-hour class you can expect to move to salsa, hi-hop, samba, merengue, reaggeton, cha-cha, mambo and more. Have you ever noticed that dancers look real good? That’s right! It’s because dancing is a very effective full-body work-out that uses all your muscles, joints and tendons. You will improve coordination, flexibility, mobility, cardio and strength! Guaranteed.

Coordination is essential to any training. It improves the form, prevents injuries and helps deliver faster results. Over time you will remember routines quicker and you will control how your body moves better and, just like that, you will train harder. The coordination that you will gain in Zumba will transfer to other forms of training. You’re welcome!

In dance fitness, we think of the bones, muscles, connective tissue and joints as an integrated system. They all play equal parts in the quality of the movement. Mobility and flexibility drills keep our bodies primed and ready for any daily challenges. That’s why our dance routines always incorporate moves that improve flexibility and the full range of motion.

The class alternates between high-intensity moves and low-intensity recovery to deliver an interval-style, calorie-burning work-out. During peaks, we will get your heart rate up to increase blood circulation throughout your body. These high-intensity cardio (cardiovascular) intervals are designed to work your heart like any other muscle in your body. Zumba will help to strengthen and improve the condition of your heart to prevent heart-related health risks in the future.

Although you might not associate Zumba with strength training, floor work or push-ups Dora likes to sneak these in to ensure that you make the most of your training. The routines are structured to build up to more challenging and complicated moves so you can stick to an easier version if you chose, no problem! Plus, Zumba class has very short breaks (if any) in between dances thus challenging your endurance.

You shouldn’t underestimate Zumba when it comes to the weight-loss either. Many studies have shown that you can easily burn well in excess of 600 calories in just one hour of dancing. Driven by rhythm you will work out harder and complete more reps than ever before. Guaranteed!

If you are living in the Dun laoghaire, Sallynoggin, Ballybrack, Dalkey ,Killiney or Foxrock and surrounding areas why not come along and try our  Zumba classes on every Tuesdays at 7 pm and every Saturdays at 10 am in our dance studio. We cannot think of a better way to start your fitness journey, but, if you still have some doubts, please pop in for a free trial. No strings attached! You are welcome to bring a friend if you don’t like flying solo. And be prepared to sweat a lot. You will definitely need a towel and plenty of water. Hope to see you soon!

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